​I often share ways and tactics to manifest for one’s self. Not only can we manifest and visualize our paths, but we can also do this for the ones we love.

Someone shared this quote with me a while back, “you are only as happy as your most unhappy child.”

I can’t think of a quote that summarizes parenting better than this.

I will never forget the day when my now 14-year-old son was in preschool and the head director shared that she thought something was ‘going on with my son’. This was my first born, my most perfect child. What could possibly be wrong? He was adorable, healthy, and just the sweetest, most joyful child. Yes, there were some clear deficiencies with his reading skills as compared to the rest of his high functioning capabilities, but he was perfect just as he was. This was the day we started our journey together, exactly ten years ago.

There was not much manifesting or visualization early on, to be honest. I was a working full time mom of two kids under two, that required energy and work, with a lite budget. We went mainstream and did public elementary school with intervention. It was fine, albeit average, at best.

As sixth grade approached, we stayed in the public school system with adjunct learning services at the local public school and just kept trucking, hoping for the best.

Then we had an awakening. My son was making good grades, having a normal 6th-grade social life- things were status quo. Stepping back, it was time to think about the future and where we saw our son landing in life. Was it going be a constant repetition of normal, day-to-day motions of making good grades and continuing to track… or was it time to take a risk? Was it time to take our son away from his best friends from ten plus years, his high-standing grades, the public school system, and everything that felt comfortable, or should we lean into our vision of something greater for him? Was it time to find someone or something that understood our son’s differences, revering it as a superpower and allow him to tap into his unique creativity? Was there a way to take an average experience and turn it into a beautiful journey?

We visualized this for our son- every. single. day. There was never a day that went by that he did not struggle in the classroom or have to pretend he was reading during quiet time, or pray he wasn’t going to get called on in school. Sports were also challenging due to trying to memorize and recall drills. We visualized our son finding a path with the likes of such greats as Gavin Newsom, Henry Winkler, Richard Branson or Gary Payton Junior. They all describe their school journeys the same way as our current path; hard, awful, impossible, and simply not made for someone like them.

Each one of these stellar individuals changed their outcomes and we were committed to changing ours. We leaned in, we found a way, and we sought out a much brighter future. We visualized it.

We fought our way into North Bridge Academy after a pretty hard ‘no’ from admissions. We painted the picture of our son that we saw from our vantage point. We made them see his light, not just his test scores. They opened their arms and he’s had the most beautiful transportive journey. He went from hiding in the corner of the classroom to being front and center with an eagerness to be called on. He excelled on his state exams, taking the spot as one of the highest scores in the state for improvement since his previous tests. He spent recess creating e-commerce businesses with his new like-minded buddies, one of which he’s brought to profitability. He flourished into the star of the basketball team. He’s begun to love reading and enjoys delving into a good book. He became confident and has shown to be a natural leader. He’s learned to stand up for people and fight for what he believes in. We’ve watched him go from timid, to his own self -advocate. He won. We won.
We took the road less traveled, we sent our son to a place he really didn’t want to go, leaving everything he knew as familiar and comfortable, for a destination that would become one of the most rewarding experiences. We manifested a future for our son we could have never even imagined.

Our son is graduating this week and will go on to an academic college preparatory high school this fall. This summer he’ll be going away to a summer camp knowing no one, without batting an eye. He recently attempted an interview with his favorite warriors player with whom also fought his own dyslexia challenge: he landed and crushed it. Seriously, who is this child we barely recognize?

This is the child who is the outcome of parents that had a vision that was manifested into a reality. Anything is possible, miracles happen everyday.

A boy who is not average, but exceptional, needn’t be on an average path. Manifest your highest reality imaginable.

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