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Manifestation, or the act of creating the life you desire deep down, wasn’t always a doctrine that came naturally — quite the opposite, actually. After a sequence of unsavory events in my middle 30’s, I found myself in a job I didn’t love, in a relationship that had just come to an end, and a divorced mom of 2. This certainly wasn’t the image of living one’s best life, however, this was the precise impetus that drove me to ignite my passion for creating a life I knew I deserved, regardless of how far it felt from my actual situation. Fast-forward to several years later, and the landscape of life has changed quite dramatically, and not by chance.

I knew I had the skillset for the dream career I so badly wanted, so I went after it, with unwavering determination and grit. After cold-calling the CEO of MuleSoft, one of the hottest companies at the time, I landed the interview for a VP of recruiting. This was not the job I wanted and I was looking to only work part-time- 2 days a week. In my interview, I created a different job entirely through pure persuasiveness and the notion that my role would create a lucrative opportunity for both parties. I also got the CEO to consider me for his first ever, part-time position. I knew that I was really good at what I was offering, and with a manifesting mindset, I could achieve my goal. I did. I received a job offer as an Executive Sales Coach— 2 days a week— with equity in the company as a manager.

I also knew that love existed for me once again, and after much soul-searching and identifying the precise qualities I was seeking in a life-long partner, I found him.

Motherhood was such a gift, and I knew that I would love to welcome another child into the world, despite what the world says about having babies after 40. After a journey with IVF, we welcomed a beautiful baby boy exactly 2 years ago at 45. Manifesting doesn’t happen overnight, but laying the groundwork for your life goals and aspirations is what the mindset is all about. The point of my story? I’ve been on both sides of the coin; unfortunate and fortunate, discontented and content, yet my belief in manifestation has remained unwavering. It’s what single-handedly helped me achieve the goals that have brought me to my life today.

I’ve seen the incredible impact a manifesting mindset can have on myself and beyond, and it’s my passion to help ignite that in others through a sequence of coaching sessions, so you too, can start to live your best life. It’s my desire to help bring awareness of the power of this mindset and harness that growth in areas of relationships and marriages, career and executive coaching, travel, and beyond.

Manifesting helped me

Land my dream career coaching high-caliber software sales executives reach their sales goals in a bigger, stronger, and more efficient capacity. Since laying the groundwork for my own professional manifestation, I’ve had the opportunity to work with two of the largest global IPO’s to date, coaching their sales staff on how to discover their own capacity for professional success, in a quantifiable and actionable way through visualized manifestation

Meet my forever-partner, creating a life together that I’d always envisioned and aspired for. I’d always believed that I could find a partner whose also my biggest champion and the best of friends. I’ve found all of those desired qualities in him.

Expand my family through a long journey with IVF in my mid-40’s. As many know all-too well, IVF can be an emotionally draining experience, with no guarantee of conceiving. I felt compelled that through manifestation, my dream of having a baby would eventually lead us to where we are today.

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