Keep trying, don’t ever give up. Maintain a positive mindset and visualize the results you are trying to achieve. That said, it’s imperative not to let yourself get in the way of being present and enjoying every day to the fullest. This can apply to any goal in life that you are trying to achieve. Personally (and currently), I’m applying this mindset to growing our family with conceiving another baby. Here is my story: 

I met the love of my life in my mid-40’s. I had recently left the wrong marriage, but was left with two beautiful children and manifested an amicable friendship with my ex that has evolved into a beautiful modern family, applying our love for our children into being wonderful co-parents. Ok… now back to the love story. 

My future love had never settled down before, therefore came with no kids and no baggage. It was a whirlwind romance. We both fell in love, shared the same values and goals, exhibited a real love connection and had so much fun together. It felt effortless and showed to be a deeper connection than I could have ever even manifested for myself. We both shared the same desire to grow our family and have a child together. Historically, I’d always had children easily, but I was now in my mid 40’s, which changed the odds a bit, and not in our favor. Yet, I saw the vision and the true connection of a shared child for us. 

Fast-forward to two years of IVF to extract my final eggs, and we welcomed our beautiful baby, Jake. Originally, we were trying hard for two babies together, but time had passed and IVF took longer than we’d anticipated to get the needed embryos to have this one chance. I was told there was no chance of finding another good egg going forward (besides our embryos created on ice). 

Then exactly two years later, we were attending the annual jazz fest in New Orleans, which is a place we mutually love and carve out adult time for lots of intimacy. I came home from that trip with sore breasts and discovered on a run that I was pregnant. It couldn’t be healthy, I thought to myself. It was against all odds. I booked an appointment with my IVF doctor and told her not to feel bad for me when she looked at the ultrasound; I’d already prepared myself mentally for the bad news that I though I’d inevitably receive. Test after test, the news continued to be perfect— to defy the odds. The statistics of having a natural pregnancy at 47 years old are 1 in 2 million, which only speaks to the immense power of manifestation. I am now currently 15 weeks pregnant with our baby girl. I never gave up on the idea of having her, It was part of my vision, our life story, yet not an overbearing preoccupation so as to take away any enjoyment of creating a new life together. 

I feel like I am walking on water. How could this be? How did I get this fourth baby girl I was still dreaming about after all these years? I had a vision. An unwavering, clear vision that I continued to visualize, manifesting it into a reality. 

Do you have a reoccurring thought or idea that seems to creep into your consciousness, like that of background music that seems to continually play? Let it surface. Dream about it. Create the pathway of linear steps that it will take to achieve this goal. Visualize it, then make it a reality.